Erection Problems, Treatment, Surgery, And Complications

Erectile dysfunction, known commonly as impotence, is defined as the consistent inability to obtain or maintain an erection of sufficient quality for satisfactory sexual intercourse. Directs the Department of Health to apply for an 1115 waiver to allow individuals with income or assets in excess of limits generally established in the state plan to receive services under a pharmacy plus program provided that the individual is Medicare eligible, but not been determined to be eligible for full Medicaid benefits under the state plan; the family income of the individual does not exceed 175% of the federal poverty level; and total family net assets do not exceed $350,000.
In 2007, Colorado authorized use of a PDL in January and authorized an Rx management plan using reimbursed pharmacists; a Hawaii task force will review the state's maximum allowable cost (MAC) program's reimbursement policy; Idaho urged Congress to modify or drop the "clawback" state payments; Kansas adjusted dispensing fees.

2) Recodification of Wisconsin's Protective Services Law - reorganizing statutes, codifying court cases, codifying current practices, and addressing confusing silent areas of the law related to voluntary and court-ordered protective services, including psychotropic medications and psychiatric admissions, and court-ordered protective placements: 2005 Act 264 (2005 A.B. 785), effective Nov.
Authorizes the Department of Health and Social Services to create a PDL and to use other cost containment strategies including use of supplemental rebates from pharmaceutical manufacturers Drugs approved for the PDL will be selected based on clinical effectiveness, safety and costs.

In general it confirms that "states may enter separate or supplemental drug rebate agreements" and "may subject covered outpatient prescription drugs to prior authorization as a means of encouraging drug manufacturers to enter into" such rebate agreements.
2) Directs Medicaid to establish a "pharmacy best practices and control program", with cost containment tools to include development of a preferred drug list (PDL) and utilization review initiatives to implement the PDL; it specifies that prescribing doctors will make the final decision on use of a higher priced drug.
Among the possible culprits are a variety of stimulants, sedatives, diuretics, antihistamines , and drugs to treat high blood pressure , cancer , or depression But never stop a medication unless your doctor tells you to. In addition, alcohol, tobacco , and illegal drugs, such as marijuana , may contribute to the dysfunction.

Authorizes the Department of Health and Human Resources "to negotiate and enter into agreements with pharmaceutical manufacturers for supplemental rebates for Medicaid reimbursable drugs." Authorizes the department to develop a preferred drug list and to implement a drug utilization review program to achieve "the most rational cost-effective medication therapy." Also affirms that "trade secrets, rebate amounts, percentage of rebate, manufacturer's pricing and supplemental rebates" remain confidential and not subject to public release.
Provides for supplemental manufacturers rebates, and gives manufacturers that provide such rebates the opportunity to present evidence in support of including products on Get ED Meds for Less In Illinois the preferred drug list (PDL); also provides that the PDL may be used separately from supplemental rebates if there is not legal authority for such state-based rebates.
Recreational EDM use was also found to be significantly associated with a number of sexual behavior characteristics ( Table 4 ). As per univariate logistic analyses, significant correlates included number of sex partners during the past month (χ2=41.06, df=3, p <.001), lifetime number of sex partners (χ2=137.34, df=3, p <.001), lifetime number of one-night stands (χ2=98.67, df=2, p <.001), STI status (χ2=40.52, df=1, p <.001), erectile functioning (χ2=13.05, df=1, p <.001), and risky sexual behaviors, such as unprotected receptive anal intercourse (χ2=12.20, df=1, p <.001), unprotected penetrative anal intercourse (χ2=21.07, df=1, p <.001), and unprotected vaginal intercourse (χ2=8.78, df=1, p <.01), all with individuals of serodiscordant or unknown HIV status.

Also requires the state to enter "into a multistate purchasing pool, negotiate directly with manufacturers or labelers or contract with a pharmacy benefit manager for negotiated discounts or rebates for all prescription drugs under the medical assistance program in order to achieve the lowest available price for such drugs under such program." Includes proposed $1 million for start-up costs, to be effective January 2009.

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