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When a postal worker or federal employee applies for disability retirement through OPM under CSRS or FERS, one element that the applicant must show is that their employing Agency has tried, but cannot, accommodate him or her. In the world of Federal Disability SKKService Retirement applications, however, OPM employees and MSPB Administrative Judges still cling to the prejudice that obesity is a choice-based situation: that the Postal worker or Federal Employee who is morbidly obese is at fault for their condition.
As it turns out, I addressed some of these details back in May of last year : the Post Office was required, under the terms of a 2006 law, the Postal Accountability and Enhancement Act (PAEA), to prefund its retiree medical liability over the next 10 years.

The U.S. Postal Service is looking to hire more employees to help us to continue providing critical postal services to the nation and we are doing so in accordance with our existing hiring practices on a local basis, as our needs dictate,” spokeswoman Jill S. Walters said.
Those measures, according to USPS, include distributing masks, gloves and cleaning and sanitizing products to more than 30,000 locations; adhering to official guidelines regarding social distancing; eliminated a requirement that customers must sign for packages; updated cleaning policies; updated leave policies "to allow liberal use of leave" and provide 80 hours of paid leave to non-career employees for "issues related to COVID-19"; and allowing some employees to work remotely.
If the Federal or Postal employee has already been separated from Federal service close to, or for almost, a year, then the Disability Retirement applicant has no choice but to proceed with the Hearing at the Merit Systems Protection Board, because the Statute of Limitations of filing for Federal Disability Retirement benefits will have passed, and therefore a dismissal and refilling would be precluded.

Gerry Connolly (D-Va.), indicated the Postal service has seen a "drastic" reduction in mail volume and could shutter by the summer without intervention, a collapse that could, among other things, jeopardize access to mail-order prescription drugs for millions of Americans, especially in rural communities.
Rather, what is meant by having a supportive doctor, is that the Federal Disability Retirement applicant's treating doctor is willing to provide a written statement confirming that the patient is no longer able to perform one or more of the essential elements of one's job, and further, that the medical condition in question (which prevents the ability to perform all of the essential elements of the job) will last a minimum of twelve months.

While Worker's Compensation may pay more, it prevents the Federal or Postal employee from seeking other kinds of work, and therefore forces the Federal or Postal employee who remains on Federal Worker's Compensation to be stuck in a stationary position, without ever any ability to seek another line of work or to begin a second career.
This poorly conceived report makes many of its recommendations based on myth and misinformation that instead of improving mail services, would deliver higher prices and less service for the public,” said Mark Dimondstein, president of the American Postal Workers Union, in a statement.

The Postal Service said it has quarantined those employees and anyone who had close contact with them for more than a few minutes, but thousands upon thousands of carriers and clerks are still going to work, where every day they deliver to hundreds of different addresses and handle thousands of pieces of paper and cardboard, where research suggests the virus can linger for hours at a time.

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