Private Detective Or Investigator (South Africa)

Based in Cape Town, Fuse Security is a specialist investigations and surveillance company providing services throughout South Africa, Namibia, Botswana, Zimbabwe, Mozambique and Mauritius. Some private investigators are ex- police officers , some are former law enforcement agents , some are ex- spies and some are ex- military , some used to work in a private military company , some are former bodyguards and security guards , although many are not.
If you have come to the decision to hire a Private Investigator, then something has happened to cause you concern in either your personal life or your business endeavors that you're not able to solve yourself, and you now require the assistance of experienced and qualified investigators.

Were it not for this type of work, we wouldn't know about the billions of dollars evaded in taxes by companies and individuals linked to the Panama Papers, nor would we be aware of the extent to which the Gupta family have captured so many aspects of South Africa.
Because of the issue of inside contacts, be it in the cellphone companies, Telkom, the banks or any other company, unlawful access to electronic information needs to be criminalised and enforced Corporate Investigations on a broad basis, both in the hands of the person who gives the information and in the hands of the person who receives it. But it is very difficult to stop the flow of private information.

In South Africa, and around the world, the use of open data in criminal investigations is quite new and although data has been around for centuries, even the mere existence of it in its current form is something of an enigma (although this is fast changing).
Private investigations or surveillance services acting upon investigative mandates received from clients can start within a few hours via our exclusive network of private detectives, intelligence gathering agents, and private investigators in Cape Town.
We also cover Cape Town, Durban and the rest of South and Southern Africa and even international enquiries from our Johannesburg office. Whether you are experiencing problems in your personal or professional life, we have a private investigator in Cape Town who can help you.
We are associated with Mr. Pieter Snyders here in South Africa, who has a popular name in the corporate security sector of South Africa. If you're looking for a private investigator for hire or you want to inquire about private investigator rates, speak to the team at King Investigators today.

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