Tasty Tuesdays

A significant study of more than 7,400 people found that sticking to a Mediterranean diet that included olive oil or nuts is linked to a reduced risk for heart attack, stroke and heart-related death by about 30 percent compared to a low-fat diet, per April 2013 research in The New England Journal of Medicine found.
One of the more niche Thursday hashtags, #Thursdaythrowpillows is one for the interior designers, office spruikers and DIY brands. Water: H2O should make up the lion's share of the beverages you choose on a Mediterranean meal plan. Stop by on a Monday or Tuesday when you can order a second entree for only $5.

For others, it means doing prep in advance, such as browning meat or chopping vegetables, to cut down on the prep work that you have to do on the day you're cooking the meals. Happy Hour: Monday - Wednesday, 4 p.m. - close; Thursday - Friday, 11 a.m. - close.
Unsurprisingly, several of the most popular Monday hashtags are less than enthusiastic about the day. It seems there is an Instagram daily hashtag for almost anything. At the same time, 35,900 people have noted tuesdayturnup”—already looking ahead to happy hour or the weekend, or taking it up a notch to make it a strong work week.

Okay, we're dubbing #tacothursday the best of the Thursday hashtags and our favourite day of the week. Using these hashtags will definitely help expose your small or growing business to new audiences on social media, but there are some rules to using these hashtags.
And weekdays are proven to be more popular for posting than weekends. With proper and trendy hashtags for tastytuesday, you can boost the impressions of your posts and increase the credibility of your brand. Usually you'd want to jump in on trending hashtags surrounding events and issues as they come up But as a social media manager, you should be trying to save some time by scheduling posts in advance.

Here's what to know about this much-lauded diet, plus an easy and tasty seven-day meal plan to get you started. According to research from Hootsuite , it's also the best day to post on Instagram if you're in the tech industry. Time-sensitive sales are an effective way to encourage your brand's audience to make impulse purchases.
Once you know what foods you're definitely using in the weekly meal plan, take into consideration the time of year and what's in season. One of the more creative (and wildly popular) Saturday hashtags is #saturdaylove. Simply put, the Mediterranean diet relies on the long-lasting overall eating habits of people who live in countries that border the Mediterranean Sea, according to the American Heart Association (AHA).
Use one of the more truthful Friday hashtags to share insightful information with your audience. For the fashionistas among us, #Saturdaystyle is a go-to for Saturday Instagram hashtags. Making a meal plan can be overwhelming to a beginner , particularly if you're getting started on a new eating plan such as the Mediterranean diet.

To decide on what type of tip to share, think about the problems your brand's audience faces. If you can't wait until #Throwbackthursday or #Flashbackfriday, #Mondaymemories is the hashtag you'll want to use. Most #mondayoff posts—lounging in bed, eating a lavish breakfast, or (as in the case of Rapture Surfcamps ) surfing in Costa Rica—fly in the face of those with a more traditional workday.

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