Cots are great for keeping squirmy wormy babes contained while they sleep. What many do not realize, says , is that home-use trampolines actually cause most of the overall trampoline-related injuries, and the American Academy of Pediatrics has gone so far as to recommend that parents never purchase trampolines for homes and never allow their children to jump on trampolines at someone else's home.
Complete with a ladder for the loft sleepers to get into bed, these are the perfect solution for big families with minimal space. Every bunk bed must have a warning label kids bunk bed with storage that advises against placing children under six years of age in the upper bunk. It is recommended that only children over the age of 9 years should use the top bunk.

No deaths related to bunk-beds could be identified in the available Australian data, however, information from the United States suggest that at least 38 children (mainly under 3 years) have died of asphyxia due to entrapment in the bunk structure, since 1990.
An analysis of injury surveillance data revealed that the major nursery furniture products associated with injury in Australia are : prams, cots, high chairs, baby walkers, strollers, change tables and baby exercisers (bouncers). Crafted from premium materials, our bunks are built tough to Australian safety standards.
Our particular focus has been to provide safe, comfortable furniture for kids. Our Trundle Tidy Bed can slide easily beneath a selection of Boori bunk beds to provide you with additional storage without having to give up floor space. Meanwhile, if you're thinking of moving your child to a toddler bed, read this.

About 4000 children under 15 years old are treated every year for bunk bed related injuries by hospital emergency departments or general practitioners. Bunk beds are raised off the ground and consist of one or two beds. Parents should avoid placing bunk beds close to ceiling fans or other ceiling fixtures.
They are designed for adults or children and often come with a ladder. A trampoline safety alert from the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission, or CPSC, recommends several steps to reduce the risk of serious injuries. Taking a baby into an adult bed may be unsafe as the baby could get caught under the adult bedding or pillows.

Speak with our team to get personal assistance from genuinely passionate individuals who will use their creativity and knowledge to help you make excellent choices regarding your kids' beds. Remove ladders when the bunk bed is not in use so that small children won't try to climb onto the top bunk.
Find a collection of bunk beds with different themes that will blend in with the existing room decor. A bunk bed is two beds on top of each other. Say hello to our new range of nursery furniture that allows you to create a stylish, safe and functional nursery that beautifully marries with the rest of your home and grows with you and your baby.

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