Training As A Nurse In Germany

PAP is a preparation program for International nurses (Kenntnisprüfung Vorbereitungsprogramm - Knowledge exam preparatory program) who wish to get registered as a hospital nurse in Germany. Re. family, spouse and children under 18 can apply join the main applicant under ” Family-reunion visa” even while the main applicant is on the is possible immediately after the main applicant received a resident permit that includes a student resident permit after a month of arrival in Germany.
The Federal Ministry of the Interior or the body appointed by it shall develop a nationwide integration programme which, in particular, shall identify the existing integration measures for foreigners and nursing agency ethnic German resettlers which are available from the Federation, Länder, local authorities and private organisations, and make recommendations on the further development of the integration measures.

They should be proficient in German language or is willing to undergo German language training in the Philippines to attain level b1 to be paid by the employer or with b1 or b2 language proficiency level in accordance with the common European framework of reference for language.
The German Federal Employment Agency's International Placement Services (ZAV) and the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH have set up a joint project to bring well-qualified nurses to Germany from Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, the Philippines and Tunisia.

For nurses who do not yet have full professional recognition in Germany, salaries are usually lower and range from 1.700 - 2.200 Euros per month (on a full time basis) as they can only be considered as nurses assistants or elder care giver assistants.
2. Apply for our Masters Degree course through pathway programme; starting with 9-12 months German language course, and progress on to the free masters degree Course after achieving the level of C1 Level in you will also have an opportunity to get licensed and apply to hospitals in case you wish after achieving the level of B2 Level.
The nursing qualifications of foreign registered nurses even with a diploma and a couple of years of work experience as a nurse are considered almost qualified to get registered and practice nursing in Germany, provided they are able to prove the required proficiency in German.

The permanent settlement permit may be granted or the temporary residence permit extended in the cases covered by sentence 1. If, in cases covered by sentence 1, no. 2, the foreigner is placed on probation or the term of youth custody is suspended, the temporary residence permit shall generally be extended until the end of the probationary period.
A partial recognition of your professional qualifications: If the authority scrutinising your application finds that your level of theoretical and practical skills is not sufficient for your qualifications to be fully recognised, you can opt to take an adaptation course in Germany which will bring your qualifications in line with the requirements.

The obligation pursuant to sentence 1, no. 1, shall also apply if a German national also holds a foreign nationality, has been prohibited from leaving the country pursuant to Section 10 (1) of the Passport Act, and presenting, handing over and temporarily leaving the foreign passport or passport substitute is necessary to carry out or ensure the departure ban.
After the authority which stored the data on persons referred to in sentence 1 in the Counter-Terrorism Database has labelled these data, the Federal Criminal Police Office shall transfer the data to the special organisational unit at the Federal Office of Administration for the check against data referred to in subsection 1, sentences 1 and 2, and they shall be stored there.

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