Wilful Wills

American Tapestry - The Story of the Black, White, and Multiracial Ancestors of Michelle Obama - is not specifically a story about the ancestors of the First Lady. Because it is in your handwriting, you do not need to have witnesses sign it. This type of will is best suited for someone who has a legal background, as they know what to include and how to word it. In order for this to be considered legal in Canada, the entire document should be written and signed in your handwriting.
In this article, we'll examine an increasingly popular method of will preparation - doing it yourself using either a blank form will kit, wilful wills or an online will kit service, such as Willful, or But first, let's take a closer look at why you need a will in the first place.

Do Your Own Will suits a very straightforward situation where all of a user's estate is being left to one person (with space for some gifts to other parties), and there isn't a complicated portfolio of shares or property to divvy out among several people.
The law that defines the legality of a Will is written specifically for each Province, State and Country, but in summary the law requires that the Expatriate Will is written on a piece of paper and signed in the presence of two witnesses who cannot be beneficiaries to the Expatriate Will.

In addition to a will, you might consider making: a living trust (whose main advantage is to avoid probate court proceedings after your death), a health care directive (to appoint someone to make health-related decisions if you become too ill to do it), and a power of attorney (to allow a trusted person to arrange your affairs if you can't).
Canadian citizens returning to Canada who present other documents, such as a Certificate of Canadian Citizenship, birth certificate, provincial driver's licence or foreign passport, instead of a Canadian passport, may face delays or be denied boarding by transport companies.

Beneficiaries of my estate residue will receive and share all of my property and assets not specifically bequeathed or otherwise required for the payment of any debts owed, including but not limited to, expenses associated with the probate of my Will, the payment of taxes, funeral expenses or any other expense resulting from the administration of my Will.

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