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With September quickly sneaking up, I'm starting to get that annual back-to-school feeling: part excitement, part dread, but mostly end-of-summer blues. Choose from a variety of 2-hour classes including ‘White Wines of France' or ‘Red Wines of Italy.' Kevin, founder of the popular Windows on the World Wine School, rates wine by asking, How long does this wine give me pleasure?” and is known for his skill at entertaining an audience while sharing his vast wine knowledge.
Whether you are a wine enthusiast who wants to be able to order or collect with confidence, a hospitality industry professional who needs to be knowledgeable about wine, or someone who is ready to prepare to become a winemaker, there are online training programs that can help you master the skills you need.

Whether you're planning a bachelorette, birthday or bridal party, a corporate team-building event for your company or just want to organize a special evening for friends, neighbors, family, and colleagues — a cooking and wine tasting class is one of the most fun and entertaining ideas people enjoy.
You will study production methods and label laws as they relate to wines from around the world; gain a thorough knowledge of wines from different regions of Europe, the Americas, Australia, New Zealand and South Africa; and study champagne, sherry and port wines.

Similarly, enroll at Udemy to experience the free one-hour video course, Wine in One Hour” You'll learn about viticulture and growing methods; learn the top red and white wine varietals; learn to properly store wine; understand how to taste wine; and learn to serve it properly.
Housed in the stunning redbrick Wine House, this school of wine has garnered a powerful reputation for classy, deeply informative, and highly regarded lessons in oenology, wine tasting, food and wine pairing… and pretty much everything else connected to wine education.
The Level 2 course is appropriate for a serious wine lover or someone in the wine trade who wants to acquire a detailed knowledge of the characteristics of the principal grape varieties, wine styles, their methods of production and be able to successfully interpret the labels of the major wines from around the world.

For students who prefer to focus on a particular country, the Wine Scholar Guild (WSG) offers French and Italian studies with Spanish wine tasting classes online beginning in fall 2019, all of which can be further specialized with master-level certifications for distinct wine regions.
Final exams for Level 3 and Level 4 certification require tasting evaluations, codified in the widely recognized WSET Systemic Approach to Tasting WSET's grid , with gets more in-depth as students advance in level, classifies the sensory acts involved in drinking wine.

It is a well-known fact that wine education, as a general academic study direction, does not have the long historical connections to universities that studies such as law or medicine enjoy, (nowadays, of course, viticulture and oenology are offered at certain universities).
An understanding of the major grape varieties and styles of wines they produce. ISG's online format supports easy learning while ensuring extensive knowledge and understanding. Ultimately, ISG is a 9-12 month crash course that gives students the opportunity to build their own wine program and inventory from scratch for practice.

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